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(800 slots only!) Re-opening of September 2020 RES Exam

Finally, the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Exam has resumed!

Are you still intending to take your RES examination in 2020? Here are some useful updates for you!

  1. What is the capacity for the September 2020 examination?

    1. For the RES examination in September 2020 with safe management measures in place, the capacity will be about 800 candidates in small rooms of not more than 50 persons each.

  2. Why is CEA giving priority for candidates affected by the cancellation of the February 2020 RES examination?

    1. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, CEA announced the cancellation of the February 2020 RES examination after these candidates had successfully registered to sit for the examination. The cancellation was necessary to ensure the safety of the candidates. Hence, it is fair and reasonable to give them the first opportunity to sit for the next available examination when it is safe to do so.

  3. If priority candidates miss the deadline of 31 August 2020, can they still register from 1 to 11 September 2020 with the rest of the candidates, if there are vacancies?

    1. Priority candidates who miss the deadline of 31 August 2020 can still register for the examination from 1 to 11 September 2020 with the rest of the candidates on a first-come-first-served basis until the examination capacity had been reached.

  4. Is registration for the September 2020 examination slots on a first-come-first-served basis?

    1. For the priority candidates, the registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis during the priority registration period. After the deadline of 31 August 2020, the registration will be opened to all candidates on a first-come-first-served basis as well.

  5. Why is there a limit on the seating capacity for the September 2020 RES examination?

    1. For the safety of candidates and the examination personnel, and to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we must ensure that the examination is held in a safe manner. Hence, there is a need to limit the seating capacity at the examination premises.

  6. Why can’t the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) conduct the RES examinations online for the safety of all candidates?

    1. CEA is exploring alternate modes of conducting the RES examination to complement the on-site examination, such as conducting computer-based examinations, in which candidates sit for the RES examination at designated location(s). Regardless of the examination mode, CEA remains committed to upholding the integrity of the RES examination while ensuring the safety of candidates. CEA will consider the alternative modes carefully, including the authentication and security safeguards and standards that such examination modes offer. Should an alternative mode be offered, implementation will not be immediate, as some time would be required for the onboarding onto the system. CEA will provide more information at a later stage.

  7. When will subsequent RES examinations be conducted?

    1. CEA is resuming the RES examination in September 2020 and will review further thereafter possible examinations in the later part of the year. Updates will be posted on CEA’s and the Regional Language Centre’s (RELC) websites.

  8. Can candidates who are registering for the full sitting of the examination be able to take the two papers from different examination slots?

    1. For the safety of all candidates and to prevent mixing of candidates across different examination slots and sessions, candidates are required to take both papers on the assigned dates and times from each examination slot.

    2. For instance, if a candidate has registered for examination slot 1, he will sit for Paper 1 on 17 Sep 2020 from 9.30am to 12pm, and Paper 2 on 18 Sep from 9.30am to 12pm. He will not be allowed to sit for Papers 1 and 2 on dates in other examination slots.

  9. Will COVID-19-related laws and regulations be tested?

    1. The COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act and Regulations 2020 will be tested in the RES examinations as the legislation and its implications are covered in Papers 1 and 2 of the examination syllabus. Only new regulations, policies and guidelines announced or implemented one month before the date of examination will not be tested. Candidates are required to be familiar with the latest laws and regulations relating to and affecting estate agency work in order to serve your clients professionally when you successfully join the real estate agency industry.

The above information is extracted from the CEA website. Check it out here.

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The above information is correct as on the date of listing. While every reasonable effort has been taken, errors may still arise. The author and publisher shall not be liable for any printing error, typo error or mistake.


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