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We've just updated our Mind Maps

We've just made some amendments to "Chapter 9 - Taxes on Pty".

They include:

  1. During Budget 2024, the Government announced that for purchases of a second residential property on or after 16 Feb 2024, ABSD refund may be applicable to single Singapore Citizen (SC) seniors aged 55 and above, if conditions are met.

  2. During Budget 2024, the Government announced that with effect from 16 Feb 2024, housing development projects with at least 90% of units sold by the ABSD remission sale timeline will be subject to a lower ABSD remission clawback rate, if the commencement and completion of works criteria are also fulfilled. This applies to housing development projects with residential land acquired on or after 6 Jul 2018.

Send an email to "" and we'll send you the updated Mind Map!


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