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Why pay a premium for RES Mind Maps?

If you're going to spend your hard-earned money for study notes, it's only right that you get a clear idea of what it is you’re paying for first. Here’s why our RES Mind Maps aren't cheap (or free).

1. Value For Your Money

Re-taking the exams and course (compulsory if you completed your RES Course over 2 years ago), as well as signing up for revision courses and practice questions will set you back at least $1,625.30. RES Mind Maps are a bigger bang for your buck in comparison, at less than 20 times the cost!

For this price you get to decide how much you want to learn and how often you want to learn, without being tied to the fixed schedule of the course provider. You can even revise on the go - while travelling on the MRT, or waiting for your favourite bubble tea!

At this point, it should be said that revising our RES Mind Maps does not guarantee a passing score in the RES exams. There are different learning methods that produce different results for different people. It only makes sense to combine several different methods and figure out which one works best for you - sticky notes, re-writing slide decks from your RES Trainer or creating your own Mind Maps from scratch.

We would love to give you a "guaranteed pass". Realistically, we can only share facts and our own experiences. Personally, I only studied these Mind Maps (didn’t even touch the thick textbooks). It was enough for me to answer the exam questions confidently and pass on my first attempt. We've had customers who studied "last minute" (about two weeks before the exam) and gave us feedback that the Mind Maps were really helpful.

If you can afford extra revision classes and practice questions, our RES Mind Maps are a fantastic way to keep practicing when you're outside the classroom. If you need help in drawing links between chapters, or commiting certain concept to memory, these Mind Maps are a great addition to your revision.

It comes down to value - a single Mind Map contains crucial info from each chapter, and present them in a short and straightforward manner. For less than 20 times the cost of re-taking the RES exam and traditional learning methods, you can revise any chapter, any time, any place. Get the most for your money!

In total, there're 16 Mind Maps, covering 19 Chapters. Find out which chapters are included in the Mind Maps here.

2. Don't Compromise With Cheaper Alternatives

No updates and outdated syllabus: Unlike one-off study notes providers, we give a "lifetime access" promise to all candidates - including you! As our Mind Maps are regularly updated to new regulations and announcements, you're guaranteed up-to-date content.

Regurgitation of the syllabus: Some notes are no more than a copy-paste of slide decks and thick textbooks. Without bullet points and condensed notes (short and simple to understand), you might be better of refering to your original notes from your RES Trainer.

Risk infringing on intellectual property

As all our Mind Maps are original content, you've an ease of mind when revising. The Mind Maps have copyright protection in compliance with Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).

3. Say "No" To Ads

Another way for us to charge a lower rate is to put up advertisements (ads). This is fairly self-explanatory, yet they can also be pretty invasive. At RES Tutor, we have decided against ads — because when you’re learning, it’s learning you should be focused on.

Moreover, when you give up your personal data, third parties can use for it for advertising purposes. At RES Tutor, thanks to our payment model, we only keep the information we need, and we never sell it.

The RES Tutor does not keep your billing address for our marketing purposes. We are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. If you have any questions related to our PDPA compliance, please contact us or check out our FAQs!


With RES Tutor, you pay a fixed rate for lifetime access of quality Mind Maps - without suffering through ads, and without your data being passed on to third parties.

No time to create your own Mind Maps? Make use of the faster way to digest all the RES syllabus today. Learn more here!

The above information is adapted from Real Centre Network (RCN), Pioneer Training & Consultancy and Babbel.

The above information is correct as on the date of listing. While every reasonable effort has been taken, errors may still arise. The author and publisher shall not be liable for any printing error, typo error or mistake.


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