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Remote Learning Tips & Tricks

It is easy not take remote learning seriously.

Unlike regular classroom learning, you have a specific place you need to be at a specific time. On the other hand, online learning requires you to study, go to virtual classes, and complete practice quesitons in your own time. This requires discipline about how to use your limited time.

So how can you make the most of RES Training Sessions and online revision classes?

Be organized

  • Make a weekly calendar with classes and dedicated time to studying.

  • Set reminders for upcoming deadlines! You can do this on your phone, on Sticky Notes - whatever helps you to remember!

  • Build in small breaks. Research suggests that 50 minutes on/10 minutes off can make studying more effective!

  • Create your own deadline that is before the actual deadline. Set your own deadline one or two days before, and plan accordingly.

  • Declutter once a week. At the end of each week, look through all the papers, notes, brochures, and other things you’ve accumulated. Recycle or throw away all the things you don’t need.

It’s not possible to stick to a routine 100% of the time. That said, schedule at least the framework to keep you focused and on track.

Be engaged

  • Work on one task at a time. Don’t multitask.

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!

  • Learn your virtual class times and set out your own learning objectives before the start of each session.

  • Participate in class - set a goal to ask a question or contribute to the conversation each lecture.

  • Learn to say no. Decide on the boundaries you want to set for yourself (for work, study and personal activities) and protect those boundaries. Remember, it’s not about being a busy student; it’s about being an effective student.

Manage your environment

  • Put your phone on airplane mode when you are in class or doing homework to minimize distractions.

  • Find a space that is comfortable but still allows you to focus. You don't want to be so comfortable that you fall asleep! Studying in bed is not always the best option (Sorry, the truth hurts)

  • Prepare all the study materials you need to hand, and only the study materials you need. Ensure your laptop or tablet charger is nearby (you don’t want to lose work because you were concentrating too hard to notice a dying battery).

Ask for help

  • Call, email, or set up a virtual meeting with your Trainer to talk about challenges you are having or material you don't understand.

  • Join RES-related Telegram support groups to help each other with Questions and Answers. Being able to clarify other candidates' questions will make you more confident of your understanding.

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The above information is adapted from Remote Learning Tips and Tricks by Manchester University, 30 Organisational Tips for School by Daniel Wong, and 10 tips to set up an effective study space at home by Edology.

The above information is correct as on the date of listing. While every reasonable effort has been taken, errors may still arise. The author and publisher shall not be liable for any printing error, typo error or mistake.


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