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How to apply for the RES course?

This article is an update from the original published on Jun 5, 2020.

CEA requires all new entrants to take a compulsory RES exam preparatory course before taking the respective examinations. Please note that only courses provided by CEA Approved Course Providers will be recognised for licensing/registration purposes.

The Certificate of RES Course Completion has a validity period of 2 years for the purpose of determining eligibility to take the RES examination. Candidates are eligible to take the RES examination within 2 years from the completion date of their RES Course. Beyond the validity period, candidates will be required to attend and complete the RES course again before they become eligible to take the RES examination.

List of CEA Approved Course Providers for the RES Course are as follows. Although I am not commissioned or compensated in any manner by the course provider, my personal recommendation is Real Centre Network (RCN). I have been a student of theirs since my days as an RES candidate and continue to be one of their students for my CPD classes. Their interactive and lively instructors conduct their classes in the centre of Singapore.

The above information is extracted from the CEA website. Check it out here!

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