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Claim your $250 discount

The UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme) was conceived to help working people in skills upgrading and re-skilling.

NTUC Members enjoy 50% unfunded course (exam) fee support for up to $250 each year when sign up for courses (exams) supported under UTAP.

RES Candidates who are NTUC Members must be present for the exam, and need to file the claim after sitting for the Exam. Some RES course providers assist with this process. Real Centre Network (RCN) is one example.

Also, the claim has to be submitted before the submission deadline stated on the UTAP website.

Please be advised to constantly check the U Portal for updates on supported programmes.

The above information is extracted from the RELC website. Check it out here!

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The above information are correct as on the date of listing. While every reasonable effort has been taken, errors may still arise. The author and publisher shall not be liable for any printing error, typo error or mistake.


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