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CEA's Covid-19 Phase Two Updates

To assist you in resuming your operations and property transaction activities in Phase Two of the post-circuit breaker period, CEA has prepared a Guide on the safe resumption of property transaction activities by EAs and RESs.

Important details include:

"use IT tools and solutions for your work as much as possible, and only meet your clients in person if it is absolutely necessary for the conduct of the property transaction. If the activity cannot be done virtually, you must take the necessary safe management precautions and record the details of all persons whom you meet"

"If the activity is conducted in premises where safe management measures are not in place (e.g. at a client’s place of residence) or at the transaction property (whether occupied or unoccupied), you must record the entry of all persons into the premises (hereinafter referred to as “contact tracing requirements”)"

"Your marketing activities must be done in a safe and responsible manner. You are to market properties using non-physical means (e.g. digital or telephone marketing). Door-to-door solicitation and marketing activities in public spaces should be deferred until further notice."

"If the meeting cannot be done virtually (e.g. to sign property transaction documents that require “wet-ink” signatures), you should do so in premises where safe management measures are in place, such as the EA’s office. You should reduce the number of persons attending the meeting to the minimum extent possible."

"You are encouraged to arrange for virtual viewings first before doing viewings in person to reduce the number of viewings that your client will need to decide on the property."

"You may assist to facilitate the handover or takeover of rental properties. However, you should first arrange for virtual meetings to discuss handover or takeover matters"

The above information is extracted from the CEA website. Check it out here.

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