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RES syllabus in 16 Mind Maps

No credit card needed. No strings attached.

Ms Koo

Ms Koo

Key Executive Officer with over 30 years of experience

"Tactfully constructed. If everyone had this weapon in their arsenal before the exam, it would have been so much easier to pass.”

Mr Hoicka.png

Mr Hoicka

RES candidate who passed both papers on his first attempt

"Great service, very helpful advice and suggestions. Lots of detailed mindmaps with great information. Excellent seller!"

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This RES Certificate could be yours!

Do you feel like there's simply too much content in the RES syllabus?


Frustrated because it's almost impossible to connect the chapters together?

Or simply desperate and holding on to the Buddha's foot?


Help is here! Save precious time and effort cramming the whole textbook. We give you a bird's-eye view of the syllabus so you can easily draw links between chapters.

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